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    Mark A Cummins
    Why bubbles make water better!
    Rijk van den Dikkenberg
    Techniques for the offensive exterior attack in fighting ventilation controlled structure fires
    Gary Baum
    The potential reduction of Firefighter exposure to carbon-based Carcinogens in structure fires by using CAFS
    Dr. John Gorrie
    CAFS – The Environmental Perspective
    Graeme Day
    CAFS – An Aviation Perspective
    Luca Parisi
    Fighting industrial fires with CAFS, the decision-making to reach the best answer
    Dr. George Cajaty B. Braga PhD
    The CAFS experience of the Federal District Fire Department Brazil: From tests to fire trucks implementation
    Leon “Alfy” Smith
    The use of CAFS in rural and urban operations
    Wilfried Gräfling PhD
    AERIUS – New findings on the application of compressed air foam
    Dr. Niall Ramsden
    Large scale CAF application tests for storage tank fire application
    Ulrich Schumann
    Positive Pressure Proportioning Systems and CAFS within EN 16327, Functions, Requirements & Considerations
    Alberto Acuna
    FIREFIGHTING FOAMS: From Chemistry to Physics across Fluorine

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