iCAFS 2018 a big succes!

Thanks to the great speakers, sponsors and last but certainly not least the large amount of international visitors, we can look back at an unforgettable first edition of iCAFS. Never before has there been a symposium where so much knowledge on Compressed Air Foam was shared as last week at iCAFS.

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See you all at the second edition in 2020!

Compressed air foam and storage tank fires

On the second day of iCAFS, Dr. Niall Ramsden of the LASTFIRE GROUP, globally recognised as the leading international industry forum related to storage tank fires with members such as BP, Shell and Neste Oil (see also: www.lastfire.co.uk) will tell more about the results of the large scale Compressed Air Foam application tests for storage tank fire application they performed.
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Many wanted him as a speaker, we have him!

iCAFS is pleased to announce the presence of Mr. Wilfried Gräfling, up until last August the Chief Fire Officer of the professional Fire Service Berlin (Germany).
During the second day of iCAFS he will inform the participants about the results of the multiannual independent research project AERIS on the extinguishing properties of Compressed Air Foam in different situations as well as the influence of CAFS on the environment and the safety of firemen. Make sure that you do not miss his presentation nor those of the other great speakers at iCAFS!

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CAFS during wildfires

The climate is changing, causing long warm and also dry summers more frequently. As a result of this the number of wildfires and possibly also the size of these fires will increase.
Compressed air foam has proven itself worldwide over the years as a more than effective extinguishing medium to fight wildfires, both preventive and offensive.
During iCAFS two Australian experts in this area, will share their knowledge about the use of CAFS during wildfires as well as the effects on the environment. Want to know more about this theme or other valuable information about CAFS? Apply quickly through the website of iCAFS: www.icafs.com

Speaker: Alberto Acuña

The iCAFS organisation is very glad to inform you that besides all the other interesting speakers, also Alberto Acuña from Spain, who is an expert on foam, will be giving a presentation during iCAFS. Under the title “Fire Fighting Foams – From Chemistry to Physics across Fluorine” he will tell us more about the journey of foam since the 50’s up until today.

Two new speakers at iCAFS

ICAFS is pleased to announce two new speakers: Rijk van den Dikkenberg who, besides being a Fire Chief in the Netherlands, is well known as Senior Researcher of the Dutch Fire Service Academy (IFV). Rijk will present the results of a recent study executed by the Dutch Fire Service Academy (IFV) on the applicability of techniques, such as CAFS, to fight ventilation controlled structure fires from the exterior of a building, according to the newly developed “Offensive Exterior Attack Tactic” in the Netherlands. Besides Rijk, we are also very glad to announce the presence of Luca Parisi. Luca is the Deputy Crew commander of the Fire & Rescue Services Trento in Italy and will share his experiences with fighting industrial fires by using CAFS.

And again two great international speakers!

Thanks to the presence of Graeme Day, who is currently the Fire Service Regulation & Oversight Manager at Heathrow Airport as well as a member of the EASA Rule Making Task group, the usage of CAFS from an Aviation perspective will also be one of the topics at this first iCAFS edition. Besides Graeme we also welcome Deputy Fire Chief Ulrich Schumann from Germany as an iCAFS speaker. Ulrich will guide us through the EN 16327 in relation to Positive Pressure Proportioning Systems and CAFS.

Not one but TWO new iCAFS speakers

First of all we welcome Dr.-Ing. Stefanie Schubert. Besides being an official fire marshal for the Landeskriminalamt Sachsen-Anhalt, Stefanie is also a Research Assistant at the Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg in Germany. She will tell more about the new findings on the application of compressed air foam as a result of the Multi-annual German Aerius Research Project. Furthermore we are pleased to announce attendance of Leon “Alfy” Smith from Australia. With his 33 years of experience in the Fire and Emergency Service down under he will share his huge knowledge about CAFS, especially in relation to bush fires during iCAFS.

CAFS used for industrial firefighting?

CAFS used for industrial firefighting? iCAFS has the speaker!

We are proud to inform you that dr. Niall Ramsden will also be present during this first edition of iCAFS. He is the Project Coordinator of LASTFIRE. LASTFIRE, the forum of international oil companies developing best practice guidance in storage tank Fire Hazard Management, has been conducting a series of fire performance tests of new generation foams in response to the increasing controls being placed on use of fluorosurfactant containing foams. As part of this work LASTFIRE has included Compressed Air System application to bund and tank fires. During his presentation Niall will tell more about these LASTFIRE tests as well as future planned tests.

Yet another great iCAFS speaker

With the, very much appreciated, presence of Dr. John Gorrie from Tasmania (Australia) iCAFS will also pay attention to the environmental side of compressed air foam. Dr. John Gorrie has a PhD in environmental toxicology and has spent over 10 years with the Tasmanian Environment Protection Authority. He will among other things discuss the use of Net Environmental Benefit Analysis in fire ground decision making.

Speaker: Mark Cummins

The iCAFS organization is very pleased to inform you that the American CAFS pioneer Mark Cummins will also give a presentation at this first edition of iCAFS. Mark is known as the inventor of the first compressed air foam system in the 80’s and has since then done a tremendous amount of research on various types of fires as well as other applications. He is still one of the biggest promoters of using CAFS during extinguishing various types of fires.

The first international speakers

After the commitment of the Dutch IFV institute, that none other than Mr. Ricardo Weewer (Professor of Fire Service Science, Dutch Fire Service Academy) will give a presentation during iCAFS, we, of course, did not stop approaching potential iCAFS speakers. And with result. We are therefore proud that Mr. Gary Baum, amongst others Deputy Chief at the Milford Fire Protection District (Greater Chicago) as well as Field Staff Instructor at the Illinois Fire Service Institute (U.S.) is prepared to give a presentation about his recent research regarding the effects of Compressed Air Foam in relation to the reduction of carcinogens during deployment. And also, that the Brazilian Colonel of the Federal District Fire Department Brasília, Dr. George Cajaty Barbosa Braga, has promised to come over and inform us about the implementation of compressed air foam on 56 vehicles in his district.