iCAFS 2018 a big succes!

Thanks to the great speakers, sponsors and last but certainly not least the large amount of international visitors, we can look back at an unforgettable first edition of iCAFS. Never before has there been a symposium where so much knowledge on Compressed Air Foam was shared as last week at iCAFS.

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See you all at the second edition in 2020!

Compressed air foam and storage tank fires

On the second day of iCAFS, Dr. Niall Ramsden of the LASTFIRE GROUP, globally recognised as the leading international industry forum related to storage tank fires with members such as BP, Shell and Neste Oil (see also: www.lastfire.co.uk) will tell more about the results of the large scale Compressed Air Foam application tests for storage tank fire application they performed.
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Many wanted him as a speaker, we have him!

iCAFS is pleased to announce the presence of Mr. Wilfried Gräfling, up until last August the Chief Fire Officer of the professional Fire Service Berlin (Germany).
During the second day of iCAFS he will inform the participants about the results of the multiannual independent research project AERIS on the extinguishing properties of Compressed Air Foam in different situations as well as the influence of CAFS on the environment and the safety of firemen. Make sure that you do not miss his presentation nor those of the other great speakers at iCAFS!