Yet another great iCAFS speaker

With the, very much appreciated, presence of Dr. John Gorrie from Tasmania (Australia) iCAFS will also pay attention to the environmental side of compressed air foam. Dr. John Gorrie has a PhD in environmental toxicology and has spent over 10 years with the Tasmanian Environment Protection Authority. He will among other things discuss the use of Net Environmental Benefit Analysis in fire ground decision making.

Speaker: Mark Cummins

The iCAFS organization is very pleased to inform you that the American CAFS pioneer Mark Cummins will also give a presentation at this first edition of iCAFS. Mark is known as the inventor of the first compressed air foam system in the 80’s and has since then done a tremendous amount of research on various types of fires as well as other applications. He is still one of the biggest promoters of using CAFS during extinguishing various types of fires.

The first international speakers

After the commitment of the Dutch IFV institute, that none other than Mr. Ricardo Weewer (Professor of Fire Service Science, Dutch Fire Service Academy) will give a presentation during iCAFS, we, of course, did not stop approaching potential iCAFS speakers. And with result. We are therefore proud that Mr. Gary Baum, amongst others Deputy Chief at the Milford Fire Protection District (Greater Chicago) as well as Field Staff Instructor at the Illinois Fire Service Institute (U.S.) is prepared to give a presentation about his recent research regarding the effects of Compressed Air Foam in relation to the reduction of carcinogens during deployment. And also, that the Brazilian Colonel of the Federal District Fire Department Brasília, Dr. George Cajaty Barbosa Braga, has promised to come over and inform us about the implementation of compressed air foam on 56 vehicles in his district.