The two-day
with various

This first edition of iCAFS was held on 19 & 20 september 2018

The Netherlands


In an ever-increasing number of countries all over the world, the use of compressed air foam for various types of fires is being embraced as a crucially important extinguishing medium next to or even instead of low-pressure water. On the one hand, the reason for this is the more than excellent practical experiences of fire fighters all over the world with compressed air foam. In addition, the many international studies, which at present have been and are being conducted into the extinguishing, but also the smoke-cooling properties of compressed air foam, prove that compressed air foam is a more than excellent addition to, or even a replacement for existing extinguishing tools of fire fighters.

The time is therefore right for an international and – especially – independent symposium relating to compressed air foam under the name iCAFS (International Compressed Air Foam Symposium): The international platform for sharing knowledge of matters such as international scientific research, standards, the implementation of compressed air foam at various international fire brigades, as well as the importance of training, for example.

This first edition of iCAFS was held on 19 & 20 September 2018 at the Novotel Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.


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